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Milestones at Vermont Photonics

100 nanowatts at 430 microns achieved, a 10 fold increase over previous output.

1 microwatt at 430 microns achieved, a 10 fold increase over previous output.

2 microwatts at 430 microns achieved, a 2 fold increase over previous output. This results in 2 Volt response at low gain on the Infrared Laboratories helium cooled, silicon bolometer.

Published information on molecular resonances reaffirms Vermont Photonics’ dedication to applications in biotechnology.

5 microwatts at 430 microns achieved, a more than 2 fold increase over previous output. Through an 80/20 beamsplitter, 20% results in 1 Volt response at low gain on the Infrared Laboratories helium cooled, silicon bolometer.

2002 March
A second THz laser is up and running with characteristics similar to the first. This will allow greater R&D flexibility and the ability to run two experiments concurrently.

2002 May
A multi-disciplinary Scientific Advisory Board was assembled for a day-long meeting to aid the company in developing novel applications for THz laser, particularly in biotechnology and drug discovery. Scientific Advisory Board consists of:

  • Lila Gierasch, PhD Biophysicist, Chairwomen, Dept. of Biochem, U.Mass., Amherst
  • Arnie Hagler, PhD Biophysicist, V.P., Discovery Partners International
  • Jerry Pollack, PhD Biophysicist, Prof., Bioengineering Dept., University of Washington
  • Glenn Edwards, PhD Biophysicist, Director, Free Electron Laser Lab, Duke University
  • Maurice Kimmitt, PhD Physicist, Emeritus University of Essex (UK)
  • Nigel Dyer , EE, Systems Analyst, Marconi Ltd., and Visitor, Univ. of Warwick (UK)
  • Peter Sewell, PhD Physicist, Retired National Research Council, Canada.

2002 July
FTIR spectroscopic studies of the THz output show tunability between 20 and 30cm-1 with a bandwidth of 1.5cm-1.

2002 Sept.
Vermont Photonics attends the TeraHertz Workshop in Capri, Italy as a commercial sponsor. The Company presented a paper describing spectroscopic studies of water vapor made with the THz laser in conjunction with an FTIR spectrometer.

2003 April
5 microwatts of output demonstrated at 800 microns with the same broad tunability as achieved at 430 microns.

2005 March
Vermont Photonics moves to a new, 5000 square foot facitily in Bellows Falls, Vermont. This increased space will be used for THz R&D as well as for continued sales of optical Test Equipment.

2005 July
Vermont Photoncs becomes a sub contractor for a critical, THz component of a U.S. Army Research Laboratory contract awarded the the Goodrich Corporation (NYSE: GR) for $3 million. The one-year research and development contract is for the fabrication of a specialized spectrometer with the potential to differentiate the THz signatures of hazardous substances, including explosives and chemical and biological agents. Vermont Photonics will carry out R&D at its new facility in Bellows Fall, VT.

2005 September
Vermont Photonics hires five additional employees with physics and electrical engineering skills to carry out the THz R&D that is a critical part of the contract with the Goodrich Corporation.

2006 April
The contract with the Goodrich Company is extended by 7 months, having a new duration of 19 months.



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