Speaker Abstracts -- Water Conference 2008

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Andrievsky, Grigory: Water Specifically Structured with Hydrated Pristine Fullerenes as a Universal Regulator of Biological Processes
Artmann, Gerhard: The Crucial Role of Water in a Phase Transition of Hemoglobin at Body Temperature
Ben-Jacob, Eshel: Induced long range order in water
Brovchenko, Ivan: Which anomalies of aqueous systems can not be explained by the general laws of the statistical physics of fluids?
Cameron, Ivan: Solute exclusion from cells, gels and proteins: relevance to drug delivery
Cordone, Lorenzo: Water mediated HB networks couple the embedded protein with surroundings in trehalose-water but not in sucrose-water matrixes
Cremer, Paul: Investigating the Role of Ion Specificity on Water Structure and Hydrophobic Collapse
DelGiudice, Emilio: Quantum ElectroDynamical (QED) Coherence and interfacial Water
Elia, Vittorio: Dissipative structures in extremely diluted  aqueous solutions of Homeopathic Medicine
Freund, Friedemann: How Water Helped Oxidize the Earth ­ the Peroxy Way
Friedman, Joel: The Mechanisms of Hydration-Dependent Modulation of Protein Reactivity through Confinement and Addition of Osmolytes
Grygorczyk, Ryszard: The cytoplasm's gel-like behavior contributes to human cell osmosensitivity
Kaivarainen, Alex: Hierarchic theory of liquids and solids and its application to biosystems
Kellermayer Miklos S.Z. Jr Nanomechanics of exclusion-zone water
Khizhnyak, Eugene: Unusual diffusion processes associated with interfacial layers of water
Kolesnikov, Alexander: Structure and Dynamics of Water in Carbon Nanotube Confinement.
Korotkov, Konstantin: Dynamic Electrophotonic Analysis of Water and Liquids
Kudo, Akihiko: Photocatalytic water splitting to generate clean and recyclable hydrogen
Palmina, Nadezhda: :Water and effect of chemical agents in ultra low concentrations::. :
Pershin, Sergey: Four-photon laser spectroscopy of rotational lines in water: observation of protein/DNA selective interaction with H2O para-isomer in aqueous solutions
Pollack, Gerald: Long-range water structuring at hydrophilic interfaces.
Preoteasa, Eugen: Collective dynamics in water: A model of charge density oscillations and some suggestions on the role of coherent excitations in the living cell
Rey, Louis: Thermoluminescence as an experimental tool to investigate the ' structure ' of High Dilutions
Riedo, Elisa (Deborah Ortiz): Strain-dependent relaxation time in confined wetting liquids.
Techert, Simone(Wilson Quevedo): Structural and Dynamical Behaviour of Water in (and on) Nano-confined Systems
Teixeira, Jose: Hydrogen bonds as a possible explanation of the unusual behaviour of water and aqueous solutions
Tokmakoff, Andrei: The dynamics of aqueous hydroxide ion transport from 2D IR spectroscopy
Tsenkova, Roumiana: Aquaphotomics: VIS-Near Infrared Spectrum of Water as Biological Marker
Vitiello, Giuseppe: :Quantum fluctuations, gauge freedom  and mesoscopic/macroscopic stability:
Voeikov, Vladimir: Spontaneous oscillations of enzyme activity in aqueous systems are modified by fullerenes in sub-nanomolar concentrations

Zubareva, G.M.: IR spectrometry of water base of biologically active solution


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